Builder Spotlight: Copper Creek Homes

Builder Spotlight:  Copper Creek Homes

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT COPPER CREEK HOMES Silas Colman and Chris Colman Owner / Copper Creek Homes  970-256-7355 Copper Creek Homes       How did you get started in this business? 
(By: Chris) I started working in construction as a heavy equipment operator and framer nearly 40 years ago while going to Bible College to be a minister. I later went into ministry full-time and was the lead pastor at a quickly growing Christian church for 25 years. When my son, Silas, was attending College, he really wanted me to go into the real estate business with him after graduation. In addition to attending […]

Builder Spotlight: Porter Homes

Builder Spotlight:  Porter Homes

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT PORTER HOMES 970-255-7077 OWNER/OPERATOR: Nate Porter 419 Brach Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81507 Porter Homes             CMU graduate Nate Porter started his custom homebuilding firm over 10 years ago just as the pain of the economic downturn really began to impact the construction industry. In the past eleven years, the firm has grown from building one or two homes a year, with Nate wearing a tool belt every day, to delivering at least a dozen custom homes in 2017. How has the building industry changed in the last eleven years? When I started the […]

Builder Spotlight: GJ Gardner Construction

Builder Spotlight:  GJ Gardner Construction

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT GJ GARDNER CONSTRUCTION Lawrence Balerio Owner / GJ Gardner Construction  970-245-7542 GJ Gardner Construction Where did you grow up? I was born and raised here in Grand Junction. How did you get started in the building industry? In high school I started out as a framer’s helper during the summer months. After finishing school I went to work as an equipment operator and eventually worked my way up to foreman. At the age of 20, I went to work for Unocal as an underground miner in the oil shale industry. After Unocal closed its door I started my own […]

Builder Spotlight: Conquest Construction

Builder Spotlight:  Conquest Construction

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT CONQUEST CONSTRUCTION Darren Caldwell Owner, Conquest Construction 970-243-1242 Conquest Construction   What is your background? I was born and raised in a small oil and gas community in Northern British Columbia, and I have spent most of my life involved in every aspect of the home building industry. I started out working with my dad in home construction. Construction, real estate, and land development are the family business. I lived and worked in Arizona and Vancouver before moving to Grand Junction in 1998. I have owned and operated my own construction company for over 30 years. I am fortunate […]

Builder Spotlight: GJ Home Builders

Builder Spotlight:  GJ Home Builders

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT GJ HOME BUILDER Steve Voytilla Owner / GJ Home Builder (970) 234-2000 GJ Home Builder How did you get started in the industry? I moved back to Grand Junction after graduating from high school in Thermopolis, Wyoming in 1982. My dad was a project engineer with the Colorado Department of Highways, and he helped me obtain my first construction job in Debeque Canyon as an equipment operator. After two years on that job, my brother Scott and I started a construction business building homes in the Ridges. We built approximately 30 homes through the 1990s. During this time I […]

HBA Member Spotlight: Mor Storage

HBA Member Spotlight:  Mor Storage

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT MOR STORAGE Larry Mallett Owner / Mor Storage  970-254-0460 Mor Storage How did you get started in the industry? I have been working construction since I was 14 years old. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in architectural engineering and construction science. FCI Constructors hired me out of college and I worked there for seven years. My father-in-law, Larry Mallett, started the company as a side job to earn a little more money while he was a pastor at a local church. He hired homeless guys off of the river and put them to work building […]

HBA Member Spotlight: Chaparrel West

HBA Member Spotlight: Chaparrel West

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT CHAPARREL WEST, INC Ron Abaloe Owner / Chaparral West 970-244-9986   Chaparral West, Inc. Ron started in the construction industry when he was 15 years old, working summers and after school as unskilled labor. He worked as a stucco laborer, did termite inspections, and on concrete crews. He gained the skills he needed to become a skilled craftsman in concrete, and then started a small construction company specializing in concrete and masonry construction. Over the years he added the construction of new homes, land development and real estate investing to his endeavors. He and his wife Terri moved to Grand […]

HBA Spotlight: Granite Imports, inc

HBA Spotlight: Granite Imports, inc

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT GRANITE IMPORTS, INC. Austin Randall Owner / Granite Imports 303.733.1444 Granite Imports, Inc. Tell us about your company. Our company is Colorado grown! Our owner, Austin Randall opened Granite Imports in 2001 in Denver. Our owner was actually one of the very first people in the stone industry in Colorado before he opened Granite Imports. After opening Granite Imports in Denver in 2001 he hired Tracy Lewis to run the Denver location while he traveled around the world to hand select our materials. At the end of 2002 Austin and Tracy hired Eric Reel to open and run the […]

HBA Spotlight: Foundation Repair

HBA Spotlight: Foundation Repair

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT FOUNDATION REPAIR OF WESTERN COLORADO Ted Munkres Manager / Certified Foundation Specialist, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado 877-819-2774 Foundation Repair of Western Colorado                         What do you most enjoy about your job at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado? We have highly engineered products and equipment that are proven and re-proven every day. These “state of the art” products can fix a multitude of problems that we find in western Colorado. The manufacturer of the products we use is Foundation Supportworks Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska. They have a room […]

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