30% Federal Tax Credits Extended to 2021! 
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Atlasta Solar Center has been serving Mesa County area residents for over thirty-five years. As one of the longest operating solar companies in Colorado, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality experience while helping our local communities transition into a new energy-efficient/clean energy lifestyle. Our shared vision with our customers is one of businesses, homes, neighborhoods, and communities, powered by the lower cost, clean, sustainable energy of the sun. With over two thousand clean energy systems installed with our customers, we at Atlasta Solar Center would be honored to help you join the revolution of clean, cost effective energy.


Whenever a business can fix a variable or rising cost, it is just good business. If you can eliminate the cost, that is just great business. Solar energy, clean, renewable and it pays for itself!  What other operating expense, if invested in 
wisely, actually pays itself back?  Another financial advantage is the 30 percent TAX CREDIT and an opportunity for accelerated depreciation.



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