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Tell us about you and your family.
I grew up in a small, farming community, learning the value of hard work. I met my wife Patty in the early 1990s. We soon got married and added three kids to our family. Growing up in a small town built my desire to own my own business.

How did you get started in the industry?
I always had a desire to own my own business. In 2004, Patty and I were finally in a place to start a business. I came across an opportunity in Entrepreneur Magazine and decided to pursue it. Patty and I founded Ambassador Blind N’ Shutter, and have worked hard since then to grow the business and offer our customers a top-notch experience.

How has the industry changed since you got started?
Newer products have come out that give the customer more choices for higher quality and better looking window coverings.

Now, we have products that capitalize on today’s technology and can make your home into a smart home. You can control your window coverings from a hub that we install or a free app that you can download. You can set your shades to automatically open and close at any time you choose. For example, you can set your shades to open at sunrise and close at sunset, and the system will adjust automatically for that day’s sunrise and sunset. You can even use Alexa to control your shades by voice.

You no longer have to walk around your home to open and close your shades. This means a higher quality of life for you, and you can get more light into your home during the day because your window shades are moving automatically.

We can even install a system that monitors the temperature in your rooms and automatically adjusts the blinds to keep the room from overheating. For people who have lock and leave homes or travel frequently, with the automatic shades, you can set up different days and times for your shades to move. Our blinds let you simulate someone being home.

Ambassador Blinds truckWhat kind of services do you offer?
We offer in-home consultations to help you determine the best product to meet the needs of your home. Typically, at the consultation, we can measure your windows, offer you a price, and you can place a deposit. One visit, and the project is underway. On a new home build, if you opt for motorized shades, we can help with determining wiring needs so the low-voltage shades don’t need battery packs.

If you purchase your window coverings through us, our service extends after the sale. We’ll help you with repairs and taking advantage of the warranty attached to the products you buy.

What unique projects have you done?
We’ve completed several unique commercial and residential projects, and we’re able to meet your unique needs. Since we’ve been in the business since 2004, we know how to tackle any challenge your windows have to offer. We did Aspen Meadows, which had a huge motorized skylight shade and double motorized shades around the room. We did the CMU Engineering Building, which has tons of motorized double shades with blackout channels. We did the new Mind Springs Hospital, where we installed a recessed shade in the ceiling on a radius window.

What do you enjoy about living in Western Colorado?
I enjoy the great, humidity-free weather and the sunshine. My family and I like to take advantage of the multitude of outdoor activities that are available year round. My kids and I love mountain biking, skiing, and exercising at the gym. The only way it could be better is if Southwest airlines came in.