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Builder Spotlight: Alegria Homes

As builders, we get a lot of great questions. One of our favorites usually sounds like this: “We’re thinking about building. What should we know before we get started?” If you are in the planning stages, just starting, or thinking about building, then you know there are quite a few aspects to consider prior to moving dirt. For example, should we act as the builders or should we hire a general contractor? If we do hire someone, how much involvement should we have? Not to mention, how do we get started? In this spotlight, we will be addressing the important questions to ask before beginning construction on your new home.

Should we do it ourselves or hire a builder? Maybe you’ve heard some variation of the following response: “Do you enjoy spending time with your spouse and want to keep it that way? Then hire a builder.” That’s quite an amusing reply, however, those who have acted as the general contractor of their home know that it consumes every waking moment for about a year. Finding, managing, and paying 40 (or so) subcontractors can be stressful and exhausting. The good news is that the hard work pays off when you have some earned equity upon the move-in day. On the flip side, hiring a builder can free up some time to actually enjoy the process – leaving the subcontractor relations and price negotiations up to the builder. Besides, moving in with instant equity is not uncommon for new home builders.

How involved do we get? If you decide to hire a builder the level of involvement is entirely up to you. Some folks prefer to watch from afar and leave the finishes up to the designer, while others would like to be involved in the day-to-day. Most of us fall somewhere in between. Regardless of the level of involvement, make sure to choose a builder who matches your style and who is eager to incorporate your ideas.

How do we get started? The preliminary building process can be broken down into the following stages: choosing land, choosing a home design, and choosing a builder. All three stages need to be considered simultaneously.

Choosing land: Here are two things to keep in mind when picking out property: 1) Unknown soils can blow a budget. Get a soils report prior to purchasing land. 2) Sometimes the shape of the lot can limit your options for the design of your house. Make sure you thoroughly understand the building envelop.

Choosing a home design: You can start your home design by consulting with a draftsman or architect. Feel free to bring sketches, example photos, or other details you envision. Additionally, you may be interested in the benefits of energy efficiencies as well as creating a Smart-Home. It’s much easier to incorporate these features during the construction design than to add them after the fact.

Choosing a builder: Every builder has their “niche.” So how do we choose the right one? 

  1. Interview several builders. Find out about processes and timelines. Request examples of their work and find out what type of supplies they use. Ask for references from current as well as past clients. Ask these references detailed questions regarding the builder’s schedule, prices, quality, organization, service, and call-backs.
  2. Know what you’re getting. When considering a construction project, there are not only upfront costs, but also long-term costs. While a low initial cost may look appealing, it is not a true measure of value.  Utility bills, maintenance expenses, quality of mechanical systems, and overall efficiencies will impact the long-term cost of the home and will need to be considered before choosing a builder.

Your selection of a builder will influence the level of success of your project. In the end, no builder is right for every customer. Match up your expectations with a builder who has proven to consistently meet those expectations, and your project will be a success.

Every new project begins with a conversation. We would love an opportunity to hear your ideas and to see how we can bring your homebuilding dreams to life. In return, we would be honored to share with you some of our own beliefs and core values. In an everchanging world, our integrity remains constant, guiding our daily decisions and paving the path for us to serve our homeowners and their families.

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