Builder Spotlight: Innovative Expressions, LLC



Eric Carlton

Owner, Innovative Expressions 970-644-0592

Innovative Expressions LLC

Innovative Expressions LLC

Innovative Expressions LLC 2






• Commercial Construction

• Certified Inspections

• Property Clean-outs

• Property Maintenance • Residential Construction

• Remodels & Additions

• Kitchens/ Bathrooms

• Custom Stairs In 2015, Eric Carlton Construction changes its name to Innovative Expressionas LLC, primarily because they wanted to branch out, take on other projects and not be so “boxed in” as just a home-building company. Innovative Expressions expanded into certified home inspections, property maintenance and delivery movers; trying to help fill a need in the community. Additionally, Innovative Expressions look to continuously build working relations with other builders, realtors, and other professionals; to provide the best service and results for their joint customers.

“We believe in a community first style business approach! Together, it is our goal to take your projects and dreams and turn them into reality,” said Eric Carlton.

According to Eric Carlton, the company has been in the building industry for over 25 years. And although building has been the focus, they realized there is a need for safety of investments and up-keep of a home is a once-ina- lifetime investment of hard earned money, for many people.

“At Innovative Expressions, LLC, we hope to help people fulfill their dreams of quality home ownership and proper maintenence; thus is is IE’s goal to assist in helping to achieve many years of home ownership enjoymentby providing quality Certified Professional Inspections.”

Customer Comment:

Extremely professional, very friendly and high quality results. Not only did they accomplish everything on the estimate in less time than discussed, they went above and beyond by making other exterior repairs (one of them quite large)at no cost to us. I cannot recommend Innovative Expressions enough! — M. Stephens

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