Builder Spotlight: Mesa Turf Masters

When did you start Mesa Turf Masters?
My wife and I moved to Grand Junction in January of 1991 and I started Mesa Turf Masters in 1992.
How did you get started in the industry?
I had my first mowing job at 13 and by the time I was in high school I was maintaining about 25 lawns. In 1985 I started a summer job with a national lawn care company. I learned how to fertilize lawns and care for trees. Before moving to Colorado I worked in various locations around Michigan, each with their unique needs.  In addition to providing lawn and tree care I worked for a company that produced fertilizer and specialty lawn care products.
How has the industry changed 
since Mesa Turf Masters started?
The advancements in technology available to provide great customer service have had a large impact on our business. We determine our schedules in advance using computer routing systems for efficiency. This allows us to provide a 48 hour notice to our customers so they are prepared for service.  Our technicians have hand held tablets containing their daily work and mobile printers in their trucks to leave the client timely, job specific information about their property. Our customers can use technology to access their account, see their services, make scheduling requests, inquire about additional services, and pay their bill.  For our customers who prefer to talk to a live person, we have friendly and efficient office staff available to answer their questions and assist them with any concerns.

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