Builder Spotlight – Chronos Builders

Where did you grow up and tell us about your families?

We (Cody Davis & Garrett Davis) both were born and raised in the Grand Valley. We’re the fifth generation of Davis’. Our great-great-grandparents moved here during the Great Depression to seek opportunity in farming.

I (Garrett) got married five years ago and my beautiful bride, Caitlin is seven months pregnant with our baby boy, Wesley. We love family, friends and trips to Lake Powell.

I (Cody) am married to Alana, my wonderful wife of 12 years, as we have a quiver full of six kids. We’ve served as foster parents for nine years, and look forward to what God has next for us in our lives. Our passions are kid sports, mountain biking, and time with family and friends.

Chronos Builders owners

How did you guys get into the building industry?

We have both been around job sites since we were in diapers. You could say that building is in our blood. From the time we were old enough to pick up or swing a hammer, we were on different projects helping our Dad (well, probably slowing him down more than anything, but he saw the value of training his boys.) Building houses for ourselves was nothing more than a logical progression and a passion fulfilled.

How, if at all has the industry changed since you got started?

Energy efficiency and building standards are ever changing constants. Buyers are smarter and more efficient leading us to design and build our homes to fit their parameters. The flavor for modern finishes is increasing, along with social media apps like Houzz and Pinterest. Defining the way we design our houses. It’s an exciting time to be building new homes!

Chronos Builders exterior home

Is there a particular style of home that you consider your specialty or prefer to build?

Our ability to build houses that are affordable and customizable makes us unique in the building industry. We excel at building high-quality homes at prices that the general consumer can afford. Priding ourselves on building homes the better way, exceeding the many standards in our industry. In the end, it’s more than just 2x4s and profits, it’s delivering a prized possession to families in our community and giving back.

Psalms 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain”

Chronos Builders interior home

What do you enjoy when you’re not working?

Both of us are heavily invested in our church (Victory Life Church). We love serving and worshiping there! In addition, we are connoisseurs of good times; whether on the Mesa, in town, or at Lake Powell. Our motto is “work hard, serve hard, play hard.”


How does Chronos give back to the community?

Building is more than just a means to an end. We decided to make a lifestyle out of it, building more than just homes, a better community. Right now, a portion of proceeds from our houses go to supporting a non-profit organization called FREE International. This organization is on the front line against sex trafficking. They provide rescue, safe haven and education to women and children who are victims of the trade.

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Cody Davis & Garrett Davis