HBA Builder’s Spotlight August 4


Why we participate in the Parade of Homes

– Kelly & Michael Maves

Maves Construction has featured twenty-two homes in the Parade of Homes for over sixteen years. Each year it gives us the opportunity for over 2500 people to step foot in a house that we built. It is the best way for people to truly experience all the details that make our homes come to life. The Parade of Homes has brought us many people who turn into valued clients because they walked through one or all of the parade homes. This community event is something that we look forward to every year!

Maves 2018 POH

Maves Construction 2018 Parade of Homes, Red Ridge.

The Parade of Homes not only brings us many potential customers, but it gives us the opportunity to talk to people face to face. Connecting with people in the community is essential for any business, but we believe that developing relationships with prospective clients is essential when it comes to building a home. The homes that we feature in the parade are usually custom and something that a vast majority of people will be drawn to as a showpiece, but we can do much more than what we can fit into only a select few homes. We have built tiny homes as small as 600 square feet to large homes that are over 7000 square feet varying in style and price range. There is a misconception that we only build million-dollar fully custom homes, but that is not the case! We are well known for our custom homes, but we also do remodels, subdivisions, and commercial work as well.

We pride ourselves in building homes based on our clients wants, needs, and budget and creating a home that they will cherish. The Parade of Homes is such a valuable opportunity for us to meet new people with dreams of building or remodeling a home and for people to see the craftsmanship that we pour into each home that we get the honor of building.

–Maves Construction





2018 Parade of Homes built by Alegria at 194 Gunnison Ct., photo by Penny Stine

First-Time Parade of Homes Builder 

In years’ past, we haven’t done a whole lot of advertising. We depended on referrals and word-of-mouth to earn jobs. Being a part of the Parade of Homes has proven to be a great opportunity for us. We met so many amazing people, and some of the best ideas we’ve implemented came from our visitors sporting the little blue booties. Some Parade-goers were in the market for a new home and wanted to talk ‘building’ while others simply wanted to ‘ooo and ahhh’ over the new trends that 2018 had to offer. Either way, we made some lasting relationships and met many great people.

Getting ready for the Parade is a big deal, would you do it again?

We’re participating in the Parade this fall so it was most definitely worth it to us. In addition to getting our name out there, the best bang for our buck was the guidebook that everyone carried around. It worked well as a tangible “idea book” so when someone is ready to build, they have a list of builders to call and some pictures to reference. For 2019, we are excited to showcase some of the trends we’ve been seeing in other areas.

–Alegria Homes

Why should a Builder attend the parade of homes?

I’ve been writing in the Daily Sentinel’s Parade of Homes section for 13 years, working with builders to market their Parade homes and highlight new features, new trends, new neighborhoods, and better building practices. The Parade section is one of the most popular sections we do, and the event itself draws thousands of people who choose to spend both their time and their money to see the homes in the Parade.

Those who come to the Parade aren’t just casual looky-loos who have nothing better to do on the weekend. It’s a busy time of year, and yet they’re choosing to buy a ticket and spend the better part of the day touring new homes. Most Parade attendees are interested in new construction or are actively looking for home improvement ideas. They want to know more, see more and find homes and home improvement ideas. They want to connect with builders and subcontractors in the industry and they want to see their work.

Some Parade attendees take notes and some return every year to connect with their favorite builder as they continue making plans for that new home they’re going to buy or build someday. Buying a home is a personal, emotional decision that has to feel right, and the Parade is a great way for professionals in the housing industry to foster that trust and confidence with consumers.

–Penny Stine

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