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How did you get started in the industry?

I have been working construction since I was 14 years old. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in architectural engineering and construction science. FCI Constructors hired me out of college and I worked there for seven years. My father-in-law, Larry Mallett, started the company as a side job to earn a little more money while he was a pastor at a local church. He hired homeless guys off of the river and put them to work building sheds that he would display on street corners around town.

Larry moved the business to North Avenue in 2001 and at that time knew the business was going to be more than a part-time job. He talked to me about hiring a guy to help run the business and I said I would like to work with him, and so the family business began. Our wives did not like the idea of us working together, because they thought if we ever got in a argument it could split the family. That has never happened and we still have a good relationship. Larry was able to retire in 2007 after working very hard his entire life. Now he can play golf everyday.

We moved our operation to our current location 3010 I-70 Business Loop in 2002. Soon after that our business took off. We started doing general contracting work. Storage buildings were still a bigger portion of our business at that time. As time went by and the economy changed we saw that moving our focus to general contracting would be the best move. We currently have eight crews in the field building things including: garages, shops, additions, remodels, horse barns, decks and porches, mother-in-law suites, houses, and various others contracting needs for people of western Colorado and eastern Utah. We have about 35 employees.

How has the industry changed since you got started?

Over the 21 years we have been in business, our customer’s needs have changed with the economic changes the country has gone through. If times are good, people are buying houses, doing upgrades to their existing house, and expanding their property with out buildings. If times are not so good people are holding tight to their savings and trying to be creative on how to save money. You see people adding additions to their houses to move in relatives, to cut costs of two mortgages, remodeling their current house instead of buying a new one, or some people will convert their garage into a living space.

What sets you apart from other contractors?

We are a locally owned family contractor. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to any type of contracting or building. When it comes to additions and houses we will do as much or as little as an customer wants. In some cases customers want us to do everything which is called “turn key,” which means all they have to do is turn the key to their door and start enjoying what we built for them. In other cases customers are on a very tight budget and can do some of the work themselves. We will usually do the foundation, framing, siding, roofing, interior framing, doors and windows, electrical and plumbing rough in. The customer will then do all the interior finishes and we will finish up the electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

We have five salesmen on staff to take care of all your needs. We strive for superior customer service. We will help you along the process from start to finish. We have over 120 years of experience to deal with any type of project big or small.

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