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Austin Randall
Owner / Granite Imports 303.733.1444 www.graniteimports.net
Granite Imports, Inc.

Granite countertop

Tell us about your company.

Our company is Colorado grown! Our owner, Austin Randall opened Granite Imports in 2001 in Denver. Our owner was actually one of the very first people in the stone industry in Colorado before he opened Granite Imports. After opening Granite Imports in Denver in 2001 he hired Tracy Lewis to run the Denver location while he traveled around the world to hand select our materials. At the end of 2002 Austin and Tracy hired Eric Reel to open and run the Grand Junction location. Now Granite Imports has three locations total— Denver, Grand Junction and Fort Collins. We are proud to say that we are a Colorado-grown company and our profits stay in Colorado and in our communities.

Tell us about what you do here in Grand Junction.

Here in Grand Junction, we really like to educate the homeowner. This can be an overwhelming process and sometimes difficult to understand. We like to take the time to help them find the correct colors and help with design as much as possible. We also give advice on selecting materials the fit the budget of the project and home. For an example, selecting materials for a remodel, you really want to put materials that are natural in color for resale and also making sure that the material fits the price evaluation of the home. Natural stone and quartz products bring profit and can help in the sale of the home! We offer the highest level of customer service here, it is our top priority! We have a very experienced staff of natural stone, quartz, tile, sinks, solid surface and maintenance. Over two decades to be exact!

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are! With natural stone and quartz, it’s very important to look and hand-select the materials you want for your project. Natural stone has a lot of variation and different patterns from block to block. One of the questions we often get is if we are a fabricator and if we can sell the slab directly to the homeowner. We are not a fabricator if the homeowner doesn’t have one, we can give them a list of all of the local fabricators that we supply. We do not sell directly to the public, the homeowner will get the pricing directly from the fabricator, designer, kitchen and bath company or whoever the might be working with.

Where do you get all of your stone and quartz?

We carry stone from all over the world. We have established relationships with quarries owner from Italy to Brazil. Pick a continent and a country and there is a good possibility we carry material from there. We are very meticulous when it comes to selecting materials from around the world, when we select blocks of material to bundles we make sure that we are getting the best quality materials. Is there a difference between the quality of stone and quartz? There most definitely is. We only carry first choice material. Our owner is meticulous on the material that we import into the United States. We will only carry the best materials available! We do not bring in second choice or commercial quality stones. Granite Imports is very excited to offer our new GI Quartz by Polarstone. This new quartz line is nothing short of amazing! We offer 38 new colors of our new quartz line and it offers great durability and a wide range of colors and movement. We carry the Pure Whites and Greys all the way to emulating exotic marbles. We have a great variety of colors to choose from here in Grand Junction.

Is there really a difference in slab yards (suppliers)?

ABSOLUTELY! There are many differences in slab suppliers, among the many differences are: Quality of material and most of Granite Imports material is hand selected to ensure the highest quality available. Even though you may see the same names at different suppliers the material can be different depending on the quality of finishing. For example, many of GI materials are processed in Italy and Brazil because the quality of finishing is better. Yes, we can buy some materials cheaper that are processed in other (cheaper) countries but GI does not settle for lesser quality products and finishing, we only import the best slabs for YOU! Quality of selection and unlike other national companies our material is not diluted by dozens of different locations, so you get to select from ALL of our best material not just what we happen to have at this location. Remember, granite is a lifetime material, so get the material you want so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Collectively Granite Imports staff has over 100 years of stone expertise. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff are available to answer all your questions.

GRANITE IMPORTS is proud to be the Title Sponsor at HBA’s upcoming Home Improvement and Remodeling Expo.