HBA Spotlight: Lindal Cedar Homes





OWNERS: Brent Hughes

66530 Solar Road, Montrose, CO 81403


Lindal Cedar Homes and Sunrooms

Lindal Homes

Q: How long have you been a member of the HBA?
A: Since 2003

Q: Give us a brief description of your business and how you think your business benefits from being a member of the HBA.
A: Lindal Cedar Homes and Sunrooms have been providing wonderful energy-efficient exceptional quality homes to the industry since 1945. They are on the cutting edge of the latest designs and systems for home building – being the first system-built home provider to head up the new HBA Green Building Program. The newest Lindal Designs include an exciting new modern home line showcased in the Dwell Homes Collection (Turkel Designs). Visit with us soon so that you can learn about all the exciting products we can bring to your new custom home.

Lindal Homes

Q: How many employees do you have?
A: Three.

Q: What’s unique about your business?
A: Sixty-five years of excellence in energy-efficient homes. Exciting classic and modern designs effectively utilizing expanses of glass for solar gain and to “bring the outdoors in.”

Q: Anything else we should tell Grand Junction about you?
A: Our local dealership is run by two civil engineers. Our designs are professional – without the professional fee. Smart and effective designs, service and final products.

Q: What are some of the lessons learned from 2009, and how will that affect how you do business going forward in 2010?
A: The banking industry was obviously the main culprit in the housing downturn. Hopefully, they loosen their purse strings to start lending again to normal, qualified customers.

Q: What are some new technologies, legislation, programs or practices that have impacted your business?
A: NAHB Green Building Program – Lindal is the first “system builder” to register with this program – with its own “Coast to Coast” program drive which intends to have a registered program home built in each state. There is a new following of modern homes as well – readers of Dwell Magazine – that will be very interested in what Lindal has to offer.

Lindal Homes

Q: Look into your crystal ball and tell us about some changes you think may be coming to the valley (or your business) in the next year or two.
A: Positive changes will be the overall increase in comfort that the economy has stabilized and folks who have been withdrawn will start spending again – not only on consumables but also new homes. There are a lot of people who want their own dream home – and even with a large number of existing homes for sale – would prefer their own new home.

Photo: Check out Lindal’s new “Dwell Homes Collection” by Turkel Designs which includes this modern design at www.majesticpeaks.com