OWNERS: Jarred Eddy (President)
Kent Evans (Founder/Vice President)

1226 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501  |

Keystone Custom Builders, LLC

Keystone Custom Builders, LLC Jarred Eddy (President), Kent Evans (Founder/Vice President) 1226 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501 (970) 243-9428

About Keystone Custom Builders
Keystone Custom Builders was founded back in 1974. Keystone has continued to be locally owned and operated. Being in business for over 44 years and with more than 100 years of combined experience in construction, Keystone has earned an indisputable reputation as a superior builder in western Colorado.

Who Makes Up Keystone Custom Builders?
Our team is made up of all Colorado natives, even the dog. They started their lives in Dove Creek, Boulder, Craig, Morrison, Leadville, and Fort Collins. However, they all now call Grand Junction home. Rugby, fishing, hiking, camping, quilting, motorcycling, and chasing rabbits are some of the hobbies and passions of the crew. Combined they have 12 children and 8 grand-children. Keystone would be nothing if it wasn’t for the hard-working, extraordinary men and women that make up this company.

What Type of Construction Are You Specializing In?
Few builders excel at both residential and commercial construction. Keystone, however, is a unique company that can provide highly creative design and personal home construction, as well as efficient and fast-tracked commercial building projects. Add extensive remodeling services to the mix, and Keystone’s versatility assures that whatever details your project demands, the right blend of talent, vision, and creativity, will be employed to carry out your project with maximum efficiency.

What Advantages Are There to Choosing A Builder Skilled in Both Commercial
and Residential Disciplines?
A common misunderstanding is that you must specialize in one genre of construction to be competitive and proficient. In fact, it is our firm belief that Keystone’s success and extensive history in building high-end custom homes and renovations, is what allows us to excel at commercial projects. The care, patience, ingenuity, and translation of priorities used in building a custom home and extensive renovation of buildings, is what we bring to the table with each commercial project. By maintaining the size of our company, we provide several benefits to our clients: personal attention, lower overhead, flexible schedules, consistency, high-quality control, and greater efficiency.

What Services Does Keystone Offer?
Keystone offers comprehensive design, build, and construction management services. Simply put, this means that we can take any project from conception to interior furnishing and decorating. With our in-house design and estimating team, we help you to prebuild your home. You will be able to touch, visualize, and price all your finishes, fixtures, and options before construction ever begins! Keystone Custom Builders has developed an organized approach to building, and we help our clients each step of the way to make design decisions and selections that will meet their aesthetic and budget goals. This process is geared to reduce the stress of the building process so that they can enjoy the design phase as much as they will enjoy the results of their construction project.

What Is Keystone’s Focus and How Does That Support Your Mission Statement?
Our focus is the client, not the project. If we put the right amount of focus on the client, the project will come together exactly the way it needs to. That’s why it is our mission to be committed to every project as if our family were the ones moving in. That, of course, means choosing high-quality construction materials and trusted craftsmen. We follow through on every detail, both large and small while managing the schedule as carefully as the budget. A satisfied customer is not our goal. Satisfaction is fleeting. We strive for loyalty. A client that is so delighted in the care we have taken with them that they have no regrets in choosing Keystone and would be happy to work with us again. We feel the only way to do this, is to approach each client as if they were a member of our family that had to live with the final product.

What Advice Would You Give Clients That Are Interested in Hiring A Builder/GC?
Choose a builder that is not only transparent in their estimating, bidding, and job accounting, but can provide back up to their claims of meeting budgets, schedules, and quality. At Keystone, we have an open book policy with our clients…they can see everything that goes into the estimating, bidding, and job accounting phases of the project. We use online collaboration software with our clients during the design phase to make the selection and finish specification phase as smooth and efficient as possible. This results in knowing exactly what you are getting before construction begins and fewer mistakes during construction, saving our clients time, money, and frustration. We also generate a master critical task schedule for each project before it begins, and clients are kept up to date in real time using a web-based calendar. We even go as far as to create a dedicated webpage for our clients to be able to view and share the project calendar and progress photos to friends, family, and even their bank!

What Do You Attribute Keystone’s Success?
Keystone has built its reputation on their ability to listen to and understand the clients’ ideas to create a quality finished project. We feel that a good relationship between the builder and the owner is very important, because any construction, whether it is a big project or a remodel, is not a small undertaking. This takes trust. So, we strive to earn that trust in everything that we do, especially when it comes to our clients’ pocketbook. At Keystone, we do not take liberties with your money. Our clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing not only what they are paying for ahead of time but that we are accounting for every dollar that goes into their project along the way.

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