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How has industry changed since High Noon Solar go started?

When High Noon Solar started in 2005, there were minimal federal incentives and no utility rebates in place. All installations were off-grid solar or solar thermal hot water. No one had heard of on-grid photovoltaic (PV) solar installations in Colorado. This was due to the lack of strong net metering laws, utility rebates, and so forth, plus PV solar panels were still a relatively high cost. Since its beginning in 2006, on-grid PV solar panels are becoming the more recognizable systems on people’s roofs in Mesa County.












What types of incentives are available?

Through 2019, residential and commercial projects qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit. What this means is if you have a $15,000 solar project, you get a $4,500 credit on your taxes. In 2020 that goes down to 26 percent, then 22 percent in 2021, and down to 10 percent in 2022, and phase out in 2023. Commercial projects will continue to get the 10 percent, plus other incentives from local energy companies. Commercial projects can also be depreciated over five years, so the bottom line becomes a win-win.

What is your Funding by the Sun Program?

We are partnering with local non-profits to offer a way for them to make commissions as well as help their members get solar. The organization receives $250 for each installation for a member, and the members receive up to $750 off their system. This program can also be extended to be a benefit for employees in the valley, where the charity of their choice receives the $250 and the employee receives up to $750 off their system. See our website for details and to get started.

Are there differences in solar panels?

Yes, there are dozens of solar panels on the market and some have several models to choose from. Things to look for are – performance, quality durability, and warranty. SunPower ranks the highest in all criteria and we are the only SunPower dealer in the valley. Why? Because we want to offer the panels from the three top-ranked solar manufacturers.

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What questions should we ask a solar provider?

Not all solar providers are created equal, so you will want to be informed before you make the decision to purchase solar for your home.

Some questions include: What warranty do you offer? What if my system is not performing as promised and needs service? What are the differences in the panels you offer? Do you have a local office I can visit? Do you subcontract any part of the installation? What about maintenance? We have written an ebook with 21 Question to Ask Your Solar Provider. See our website to get your free copy.

Looking for help with your home?

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