Parade of Homes 2018 Follow-up

The 2018 HBA Parade of Homes is finished, but fortunately for all of the builders in the Parade, they’re still enjoying the results of their hard work.

“We got a lot of leads and we had a constant stream of people,” said Darin Carei with Senergy Builders, who had a home at Harrogate, a new neighborhood off 33 Road in Clifton, in the 2018 Parade. “I don’t think you can get that many people to come into your neighborhood in the course of two weekends without having something like that.”

Senergy Builders isn’t the only builder having multiple follow-up conversations with prospective buyers.

“People were genuinely looking to find a builder,” said Michael Maves with Maves Construction. “We had more live leads than in any other year. Consumer confidence is good.”

Although both Maves homes were pre-sold custom homes, Maves is getting ready to start building homes at Ventana at Redlands Mesa Golf Course, a new neighborhood within the golf course community. His Redlands Mesa Parade home wasn’t in Ventana, but it was similar to the homes he’s planning for that neighborhood, and Maves has already signed a contract on a home in Ventana with a client who loved his Redlands Mesa Home. He has several meetings scheduled with other prospective homeowners within the next few weeks.

Curiosity always brings people to visit homes during the annual Parade, and this year was no different. While some people love to look at the most expensive homes in the Parade knowing they’ll never spend that much money on a home, others want to see homes they could afford or new designs they may want to incorporate into their next home. Others just want to see a new neighborhood or a new type of home, which is why so many people were eager to tour the townhome at the Peaks at Redlands Mesa, a townhome development currently under construction from Kevin Young and North Peak Construction.

“I could have sold this home three or four times,” said Vona Murphy-Milusnic with Murphy and Associates, the listing agent for the townhomes. The townhome will remain a model home for the project. It should be staffed on weekends, so people who are curious about the project can still go see the home even though the Parade is finished.

Builders who were new to the Parade were pleasantly surprised by the experience. Yes, it’s a lot of work to get the home ready for showing on a certain date regardless of subcontractor, supply or weather emergencies, but they were also impressed by the traffic and the response to their homes.   

“We got some great feedback from people walking through the house,” said Amber Alegria with Alegria Homes. “Most people loved the easy flow of the floor plan and the contemporary feel of the house.”

The Alegria home started as a spec home but went under contract before the Parade started. That was just fine with Alegria, however, as she estimates that more than 2,000 people came through the home.

“It was fun just meeting people,” she said. Since the Parade, Alegria Homes is getting ready to start a custom home in Adobe Falls that resulted from meeting prospective homeowners during the Parade of Homes. The company has also met with several other prospective clients who liked what Alegria delivered.

The G.J. Gardner home at Spyglass Ridge in Orchard Mesa won multiple judges awards this year, including best floor plan, best kitchen, best master bedroom, best use of space, best interior design and Realtor’s choice.

G.J. Gardner has three more homes under construction in Spyglass Ridge and is getting ready to start on two additional homes in the neighborhood where it has had a home in the Parade for the last several years.

“Every one of them that we’re building came from a previous Parade of Homes,” said Lawrence Balerio with G.J. Gardner.

This was the second year for BOA Builders to enter a home in the Parade, and its home is still available for sale. Although it didn’t sell during the Parade, the exposure that the Parade gave to the company has brought many custom clients to its doors.

Some builders have already begun construction on homes they plan to enter in the 2019 Parade of Homes. For many custom builders, participating in the Parade is both a way to show the public what they can do, and to also support the industry and the community.

“I feel an obligation to the HBA and to the public,” said Nate Porter with Porter Homes. “The building industry is the driving force in the economy.”

As a longtime Parade builder, Porter also enjoys the chance to interact with the public and enjoys being able to get his children involved in the process. Four of his five children were at the Parade, scanning tickets, running errands and interacting with the public.