The benefits of being an Associate Member of the HBA of Western Colorado are obvious, the networking and relationship building with the Builder Members are keys to the success of our organization. What is more important are the things that are not obvious. By being a member of the HBA you are supporting their tireless work as the leading advocates of the Home Building industry in governmental affairs and regulations. A strong and consistent voice in front of our elected officials on a local, regional, and national level will ensure that our industry’s interests are heard. I encourage you to become a member and get involved with the HBA today.” — Rich Buffington Area Vice President, ProBuild

As a general contractor in the grand valley, the wellbeing of our business and our subcontractor’s businesses, rely entirely on a healthy and sustainable construction industry. Being a part of HBA has provided us with a means to help support the local, state, and the national housing industry as a whole. This ability along with other characteristics of the HBA has been especially important to us, as we feel it is necessary to give back to an industry that supports our way of life. In addition to the social networking that we have gained by membership, the HBA’s presence in the political arena continually provides our industry with a voice in regulatory and legislative issues that impact our business. — Dane R. Griffin Griffin Concepts, Inc. The HBA is a self-governing institution in which it’s membership is required to support and acknowledge the Code of Ethics. This means that our customers and suppliers can rest assured that the HBA of Western Colorado members is committed to fair and honest business contractions. Through the HBA, I work with other like-minded folks and develop relationships that foster commerce through common goals. I also appreciated the opportunity to meet with non-members and discuss how the HBA can facilitate success in their business, benefit our community and educate ourselves in the process. — Chris Shurtleff Hawks Air Service

The Home Builders Association brings value to us and our individual companies in a multitude of ways. As the home builders’ champion in Washington and in the statewide legal arena, we are afforded a voice that may otherwise go unheeded. The politics involved and the progress made for industry cauDarren carei, energywise photoses simply would not happen without an organization like this supporting the directives of the membership. On the local level, the various networking opportunities along with the home show and parade of homes make it an important part of our companies marketing and outreach efforts, along with a great way to make new friends and associates. Membership in the association also lends credibility to the business members as well as creates consumer confidence. All in all, it is a positive and rewarding experience for us and our business. — Darin Carei EnergyWise Companies I have found many benefits for myself and my company as an associate member of the HBA. The most obvious is the networking opportunities available and getting to know more builders and people in the building industry but there are many other benefits as well. The single greatest benefit for All Sound Designs is the targeted marketing available at both the Home Improvement Expo and at the Parade of Homes. We are able to account for several jobs every year that stemmed from contacts at these events. There are also benefits offered by discounts from companies such as Verizon Wireless, shipping companies and, most importantly, discounts on Insurance that make a significant difference to our monthly expenses. I find that the more involved I am with the HBA, the more I get out of it and really enjoy the people I meet along the way. Finally, I think of Sara landis headshotall the above benefits as just icing on the cake to the big picture purpose of this association. The building industry is wrought with legal issues that are terribly damaging to this industry and this association stands up and fights back making significant improvements every year and stopping additional new legislation from happening. That is the primary reason I am a member. To support the association that supports me and every other person that makes their living in the building industry. — Sara Landis All Sound Designs

I have been involved in the construction industry for the past 34 years and have a lot to offer in the form of talent and experience… So does the HBAWCO! I believe that we should build better buildings that are more comfortable, more durable, more energy-efficient, healthier, and safer… So does the HBAWCO! I believe that ongoing training and education is of critical importance for anyone committed to working in the housing industry… So does the HBAWCO! I believe that excessive government regulation of the housing industry is made unnecessary when the people engaged in the industry take personal responsibility for the products and services they provide and are committed to quality in every aspect of their business… So is the HBAWCO! I believe that honesty and integrity will get you a lot further ahead than slick talk and cut-throat competition…So does the HBAWCO! I believe that the residents of Grand Junction and its surrounding towns have a great future ahead and that the need for quality housing will increase… So does the HBAWCO! With so many things in common, it should be no surprise that I am pleased and proud to be a member of the HBANCO! I am also honored to be able to serve on the HBAWCO Board as its current Secretary. I just wish I had taken typing class when I was in school. — Fritz Diether President, Frostbusters & Coolth Co. 5 Years ago the President-Elect of the HBA of Western Colorado challenged me with the idea that being a member of the HBA was my duty and responsibility. He cited that I was making my living and feeding my family in the building industry and from the community as a whole. Based on that fact, he also cited that being an active supporter of the organization that supports my industry was beneficial for my business and growth as a builder. 5 years later, I still agree with him and understand now what he meant. In short, you get out what you put in. You reap what you sow. I believe Nate porter, porter homes, headshotserving the community and building industry through the HBA has been extremely beneficial to my company and to me personally. I have built friendships and gained respect for the other men and women who volunteer their time to see this organization grow. I strongly encourage anybody who is directly, or indirectly involved with the building industry to get involved and/or support those who are. That would include realtors, lenders, subcontractors, and developers to name a few. From my experience and knowledge, helping the HBA of Western Colorado is directly supporting those who fight to protect our rights and freedom in our industry. — Nate Porter of Porter Homes