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SoilTek Organic Solutions is a new and exciting organic alternative to the typical chemical fertilizations that we are accustomed to. Why? We are all about your soil! If you have soil, call SoilTek. We start with the root of your problems. The Grand Valley is notorious for heavy clays, high alkaline and a lack of rich topsoil, which makes it difficult to grow non-native type plants, including grass. Many of us water with irrigation water which only enhances the salinity problem.

With traditional fertilizers, plants are forced to take up the nutrients some of which is leached out of the soil and some of it evaporates. A chemical reaction takes place that forces the plant to uptake the fertilizer thus causing much more watering to avoid the burning of the lawns, trees, and plants.

SoilTek’s approach mimics Mother Nature. We induce millions of live microbes into the soil and feed them with over 300 different inputs, thus resulting in safe, healthy and beautiful results – naturally!

Our system treats the physical and biological aspects of the soil by aerating, removing the aerated plugs, installing a custom blend of organic compost to fill in the holes and following up with a water-soluble organic liquid application to get you growing in the right direction. Followed up with scheduled organic applications, the results are cumulative, which means the build-up of organic materials in your soil will support the plant life that is living in it in a healthy manner. Healthier soils also mean reductions in disease and stress during hotter temperatures and up to 50% less water usage.

SoilTek’s services include 35 years expertise, aerations, top dressing/compost, organic injections of trees/shrubs, organic lawn applications, and organic garden applications. Custom plans are available to meet your particular needs. Call for a free estimate! 970-242-SAFE(7233). Expect More, Naturally!

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