What is the Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado?


What is the Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado?

By now you are likely familiar with two of our largest events:  The Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo in the spring, and the Parade of Homes in the fall.  You may not be familiar with the organization behind them.

The Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado (HBA) is a not-for-profit professional trade-association that was chartered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in January 1974.

HBA Expo Show

Over the past 44 years, we have been promoting the housing and building industry on the western slope.  Our members consist of companies that not only include builders, developers, and remodelers, but also trade contractors, landscapers, suppliers, plumbers, banks, mortgage lenders, title companies, and many more. Together we work to support our local construction industry.

The first image you may have when one mentions the construction industry is the builder wearing a hard hat, tool belt, cutting lumber and hammering nails.  Think beyond that image to how this industry affects almost every business.  From the architect, real estate professional, lender, materials suppliers (lumber, windows, doors, insulation), the product manufacturers, installers, (plumbers, electricians, flooring), to the landscapers and nurseries supplying the flowers, plants, trees, and let’s not forget the furniture stores supplying that new living room, dining and bedroom set.  For every one home built, over THREE full-time jobs are created.

Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, these jobs are vital in our community and those across the country. Which is why we are here.

Affiliated with the National Association of Homebuilders as well as the Colorado Association of Homebuilders, our collective voice is strong and is heard from Denver to Washington D.C.

The State and National Associations watch the regulations and policies affecting those in the industry as well as the homebuyer, such as mortgage, finance, building codes, energy, and the environment.

Our association and our board of directors are committed to protecting the building industry and our community, keeping the American dream of homeownership in reach.  To learn more about our association and our upcoming events, visit us at www.hbawesternco.com for an online list of our members.